Chrism Mass 2018

SIBU: Bishop of Sibu Right Reverend Joseph Hii calls on Catholics to pray for their priests that they may become priests who serve. In making the call on Chrism Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral on March 21, he said priests sometimes forgot the purpose of their vocation due to human weaknesses.

“We all had been consecrated through our baptism but within this baptismal vocation, there is a call within a call for some of us to the priesthood. “But this call within a call is not a call to go higher in position.  However, we are all humans, many times we failed due to human weaknesses and we tend to forget the purpose of our leadership,” he said. Because of human weaknesses, he said most priests wanted to be served instead of serving the community.

“God calls us to lead and we are also called to service; to serve the community and not to be served,” he pointed out. He also said that the priests needed the community to teach them to be better and to be humble. That was why coming together especially on Chrism Mass was important for the priests to rededicate, remind and to renew themselves to serve the community and to remain humble. It was also important for the community to come together to pray for their priests to enable them to become better priests. “You have so much to teach us because as a community, you are priestly people, kingly people, prophetic people, so we also need to learn from you and be humble,” he said.

by Jane Moh