Choose a Leader that will uphold the democratic principles

SIBU: Catholics are reminded of their duty to choose a leader that will uphold the three basic democratic principles of equality, liberty and fraternity.  Bishop of Sibu Right Reverend Joseph Hii said in his homily during the 24 Hours Prayer for the General Election last week that these principles came with a different name in the Gospel – justice (equality), freedom (liberty) and charity (fraternity). He said God wanted everyone to have this same basic principal values and thus gave us the right to choose own leaders. “Choose a leader who can lead the country well, who can give the country peace, and who can give this country all these basic principles.“Whichever these leaders can uphold these democratic principles, you and I must choose that leader,” he pointed out.

Quoting Pope Francis that politics as the greatest act of charity, he said as beloved and good citizens who loved the country are called to practice it.He also said that it was important to have a grateful heart for Malaysia is indeed a country blessed with many resources. “God also loved us so much that He wants this country to have democratic system,” he said. Thus, he called every registered voter to come out on May 9 to practice their rights to vote for their leaders. However, everyone must never forget to consult God first before making their decision on who to vote.

He encouraged people to attend Ceramah so that they could have informed conscious, then pray to God to make the right decision. “We want to pick a shepherd for the next five years to lead us.  We want to choose a leader who really concern for the country, not to make our country poorer and poorer and they (leaders) become richer and richer,” he pointed out.

He said no one could tell anyone who to choose, so it was the people who are to be blamed if wrong leaders had been chosen. “If the leaders we chose stole something from us, do not blame them, blame ourselves because who put them there. You and me,” he said.

Nevertheless, he said if wrong decision had been made, every Christian must ask for forgiveness from God. “Let Malaysia rise up again so that it can be a blessing to all of us,” he said.

Jane Moh