Sibu Diocesan Youth Apostolate Youth Leader Study Tour

On 20th – 23rd July 2018, Sibu Diocese Youth Apostolate  (SiDYA) Youth Leader Study Tour was held in Kuching, mainly for leaders of Diocese of Sibu. There were 19 representatives from 9 parishes participated in this tour. The venue of this 4-day 3-night stay is at Archdiocesan Curia and Cathedral Pastoral Centre, Kuching. Our speakers, Fr. Felix Au, Fr. Galvin, Sis Dina with her core team and Madam Stephanie Ng have taught, shared and experienced a lot of things to us.

As an introduction to this study tour, a video was shown to us during the ‘The Call of Moses’ session.  In the video, Moses talked to a burning bush (God).  The purpose was to help us to reflect our call as a leader. Moses with his staff was simply a portrait of each youth leaders of Diocese of Sibu and their leadership. In the video, Moses hesitated and thought that he was incapable to save the Israelites. Later, God said to him, ‘But, I am with you’ which then Moses grabbed his staff bravely and confidently. This should be applied by each one of the youth leader throughout their leadership.

Our first session entitled ‘Introduction to Bible and Scripture’ led by Fr. Felix Au. In this session, we learnt and exposed to a better understanding of the Bible. As a Catholic, the least knowledge we learnt from the Bible is the salvation history as St. Jerome remind us that “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ”. Fr. Felix also taught us Lectio Divina and ended his session with Q&A sessions on sacred scriptures. The second session of the day was led by Fr. Galvin entitled ‘Introduction Teaching of the Church’ where we learnt about the doctrine, dogma and theology in the church such as Mariology, Christology, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, Pneumatology and etc. We gained new knowledge of the theology which explained well by Fr. Galvin. He also introduced some books for references to enabled us to understand better of the church’s teaching. Session ended the Q&A session.  The next session of this study tour led by Sis Dina and her core team of Kuching Archdiocesan Youth Commission (KAYC). They shared about their organization structure in Archdiocese of Kuching and how they had gone through the journey in establishing a firm structure of KAYC. Questions, answers, experiences and knowledge filled the room throughout the session. It lifted the spirit among the leaders of Diocese of Sibu to build a stable, organised and strong Youth Ministry.  Sis Dina and her team partners also led the exposure session where we observed and learned the life of seminarians in St. Peter’s College Seminary. One of the seminarian brothers shared how God called him and his journey towards the calling..  Last session ended with integration of the day.

The session on the last day of this study tour entitled ‘Youth Ministry and Family Life’ led by Madam Stephanie Ng. In this session, Madam Stephanie highlighted the calling through Luke 5:1-11, Luke 22:31-34 and John 21:16. She also mentioned that one needed to establish relationship with Jesus to serve God and others well.  In the topic about family life, she briefly explained the vocation, responsibility, priority and time management of an individual in their life. She emphasized that change is good but transformation is better. The session ended with sharing sessions. The last session of the day was the SiDYA Action Plan meeting where the youth leaders of every parish gathered together to report their on their progress of their on-going programmes and to brainstorm ideas for upcoming youth programmes in Sibu Diocese.

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To conclude this journey, all the youth leaders had gained a lot of precious knowledge that opened up their minds and encouraged them to help themselves and later to lead the other youth. Through the example of Moses with his staff and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we vow to make SiDYA a successful and firm organisation structure for the youth of Diocese of Sibu. Amen!

by : Brenda & Valerie


Sharing from the leaders:


SiDYA study tour telah memberi ilmu pengetahuan tentang Bible atau ajaran Tuhan sebagai seseorang yang hendak memulakan dirinya memimpin Youth. Asas dalam mengenali Tuhan mesti kuasai dan mendalaminya supaya dalam apa jua keadaan susah senang dugaan dan sebagainya dalam melakukan aktiviti yang memberi manfaat kepada semua umat Kristian terutama orang muda yang kini semakin jauh dari Tuhan. Panggilan untuk datang ke study tour ini sememangnya membuka buku baru dalam kehidupan saya untuk berjalan bersama Tuhan kita.

Aaron Laing

St. Anthony Church, Sarikei


On our first day, there was a session “The Call of Moses” where they showed us a video of Moses talking to a burning bush (God). In the video, Moses hesitated and unsure of discharging the task entrusted to him.  Being chose (called) to be a leader of my Youth Ministry, I always ask God “Why me?” I am incapable of doing this and that. “There’s someone who is better than me, so why not them?” With some reflection, I realised that, each and every one has been called by God to the task that others cannot.  You may not understand now, but you will and will know why God put you there.

Brenda Sonia

St. Francis Xavier Church, Kanowit



 Saya telah mendapat mempelajari bagaimana untuk menjadi seorang pembimbing Youth di gereja. Bukan itu sahaja, saya juga mengetahui dengan lebih jelas lagi kehidupan seorang seminarian dengan mendengar sendiri pengalaman dan gaya hidup mereka. Akhir sekali, menyebut Ya atau menjawab panggilan Tuhan sangat susah sekiranya tidak mempunyai ilmu atau kemahiran yang tinggi dalam agama.


Mark Matthias

St. Anthony Church, Sarikei


In this study tour, I have learnt many things about the bible, vocation and about theology. Apart from that, I learned to be a leader, we should not be afraid when God calls us to do His will. Because God is always there for us, we shouldn’t be afraid and trust Him with all our hearts.


Christ The King Church, Bintangor


From this study tour,  gained a deeper understanding about Bible and Word of God. I believe that the Bible is not just a book of record but it can guide us to be like Christ and follow His path. I also realised that I must transform or improve myself first to be a better leader. I learnt that I need to speak louder with confidence so that others will listen and trust you. I hope that after this study tour all the youth leaders of Diocese of Sibu will always work together and have confidence in themselves to lead all the youths.


St. Mary Church, Sibu


Sepanjang tiga hari dengan Study Tour, banyak ilmu pengetahuan yang saya peroleh. Salah satunya iaitu untuk menjadi pemimpin bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah. Banyak dugaan yang terpaksa kita tempuhi. Walau bagaimanapun, Tuhan akan sentiasa berada di samping kita setiap masa bahkan Tuhan sentiasa bersedia membantu kita. Oleh itu, janganlah kita mudah berputus asa walaupun sesukar mana cabaran itu, Tuhan sentiasa ada untuk menyelesaikannya.

Fidelis Patrick

St. Alphonsus Church, Julau