Malaysia Day prayer service 916-2018

Malaysia Day prayer service

Christians showing their love for country

By Andy Chua

Faitfuls from Catholic Church at the praise and worship session.


SIBU: Christians from the various denominations under the Associationof Churches in Sarawak (Sibu) showed their love for the country by participating in a Malaysia Day Prayer Service.

The event was hosted by Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM) Church, a member of ACS (Sibu). Together with parishioners from the Roman Catholic Church, Methodist Church, and the Anglican Church, members of BEM Usahajaya, Sentosa, participated wholeheartedly in the two-hour celebration of the birth of the nation on September 16, 1963.

ACS (Sibu) chairman, Pastor Ting Leh Na, in her welcoming address, said that they were celebrating the ocassion, not only to show their support for the country but also to show that they are proud of the nation. “We sacrifice for the country by praying for our new government and nation. Today is a very special day as the whole of Malaysia and all churches are gathered together to pray, to ask for a better Malaysia,” she said.

Pastor Ting, who is from the BEM Church, also clarified that Christians are behind the government of the day and not against it. “We honour every decision of God. Whoever wins the election, they make up God’s chosen government.

She also advised Christians not to be confused with the three important days- Merdeka Day, Sarawak Independent Day and Malaysia Day. “On Aug 31, 1957, all the 11 states in the Peninsula started celebrating Merdeka Day after gaining independence from Colonial rule. On July 22, 1963, Sabah and Sarawak were freed from Colonial rule. After fighting very hard, we finally have our Sarawak Independence Day every July 22. Malaysia Day commemorates the formation of Malaysia on September 16. So do not mix things up,” she advised.

Pastor Welly (second from left), and Pastor Ting (right)leading the congregation in the Malaysia Day prayer.


Separately, she said Christians from the various denominations here had gained respect from outsiders with their show of unity in the 2017 Christmas parade and procession. “Last December’s event was a good testimony. It was the first time that ACS was able to lead all Christians in the town. This year’s procession will be hosted by the Catholic Church and we have already agreed to wear the same T-shirt,” she said.

Pastor Welly Sigo of BEM Usahajaya, in his Malaysia Day message, urged the people to show their love for the country. Not only in words but also by their action.