Interfaith Christmas Celebration

SIBU: About 70 people from various religious bodies joined the Interfaith Christmas Celebration 2018 at Tanahmas Hotel last Saturday, 8 December 2018.

Ting (fifth left) presents the souvenir to Siaw while others look on.

The event, which was hosted by Association of Churches in Sarawak (ACS) Sibu Branch was attended by members from Borneo Evangelical Mission (BEM), the Roman Catholic Church, St John Anglican Church, The Methodist Church, Sibu Buddhist Associations, Sikh Temple Association Sibu, Masjid An-Nur, and Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple.

Speaking at the event, Sibu Resident Charles Siaw urged every member from different religious background to continue to build greater harmony by showing their authenticity, sincere love for each other and encouraging each other regardless of race and religion.

“This wonderful occasion has brought people of various races and religions here together today.

“It shows that we appreciate and respect one another’s festivities; it shows our unity and diversity.  Bear in mind that unity can only exist when there is acceptance; when everyone has a sense of belonging in the society; when everyone has a sense of belonging in the society; when there is no friction of thoughts and clash of ideologies,” he pointed out.

He also pointed out that Christmas is also a time to think of others, share their time and resources. Therefore, he urged people to think of the less fortunate and reach out to them.“At this time of the year, it is common for us to make contributions and donations to the needy as well as welfare associations and organisations who are taking care of the needy and disabled,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bishop of Sibu Right Reverend Joseph Hii from the Catholic Church said every religion is in the service of humankind to bring joy and unity to the society and the world.“We are not here to show our superiority but to work together and to serve the people,” he pointed out.

Also present at the event was chairperson of ACS Sibu branch Pastor Ting Leh Na.

Ting (fifth left), Siaw (seventh left), Hii (eighth left) and others cutting the Christmas cake.

10 December 2018

By Jane Moh