Baptised and Sent! (Mission Formation 2019)

We are called to bring the entire people of God to a new awareness of Christian baptismal responsibility for Church’s Mission to evangelize to the end of the earth.

Mission Formation organized by the Pontifical Mission Societies was held in Sibu Pastoral Sibu from 28-31 January 2019. 130 church leaders coming from the Archdiocese of Kuching, Diocese of Miri, Diocese of Sibu and the Apostolic Vicariate of Brunei. The main speakers for this formation are Fr. Victor Louis – the National Director for the Pontifical Missionary Societies for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Fr. Raymundus Sudhiarsa SVD from Malang, Indonesia and Bro. Michael Xavier, Diocese of Penang.

The program began with the opening Mass celebrated by Bishop Cornelius Sim, he explained the idea of Jesus in the gospel of Mark 3:31-35, family is the people those who around us, we are call to separate from our own family, to evangelize and to become many. The idea of separation behind Jesus force is part of the mission; it was not means rejecting our own family but to go out from our comfort zone, to expand our family to many. If we choose to stay at our comfort zone, never want to go out, our family member will never grow big. The mission here is to do the will of the father.

The formation session was divided into 9 parts: Introduction of Evangelization, Extraordinary Missionary Month, Church and Mission, and Holy Spirit the Souls of Mission lead by Fr. Raymundus followed by Paraliturgy lead by Fr.Victor. In the session, each leader was reminded to strengthen their own personal encounter with Christ, to rediscover the values of the Saints and Martyrs, to deepen the doctrine and to practice charity. The existence of the Church is not for its own, it’s a primary service which the church can render to every individual and to all humanity in this modern world. Each Christian is called to bring values to the world. –EG120We don’t need long training to start the evangelization. The Samaritan woman was best example, as she became a missionary immediately after speaking with Jesus. Many Samaritans come to believing in Jesus because of her testimony.  Thus, we as a catholic are the instrument helping other to encounter Jesus after our baptism. Evangelization is a process, not a moment. EG 160

The session continued with the art of An Evangelization lead by Brother Michael Xavier. Church leaders called to look back the best evangelist Jesus himself in his life of evangelization, how can we imitative the behavior Jesus that demonstrated. Jesus values friendship, humble, pleasant, authentic, and all rounder, he did good works, and he spoke for the voiceless. He demonstrated leadership, he influence and attracts people in the ministry. It’s crucial to seek the help from the Holy Spirit, pray for the open door and notice the open door in our daily life. Our mission is to sow the seeds, be a ready evangelist, to the person that we encounter, and surrender the outcome to God. The process of personal evangelization is fight against on our own temptation and weaknesses, human could not be perfect, that’s why that the Lord is using our evangelization to save our souls, for the Lord works in our brokenness.

Though it was raining in the evening, but it does not stop the Church leaders to practice the process of Introduce, Interact, Inquires, Input, Intercede and Initiate during the Mission Field Outreach at Sibu Hopsital and Sibu Jaya. Many of them shared their first experience evangelize to the strangers that helps them to see the presence of the Holy Spirit which encourage them to share the good news for the needy. After the sessions, each diocese came out with their own action plan on the ground to provide formation training to the community in the parish and set up 2 pilgrimage destination.

Miri- Pilgrimage at Marudi
Kuching- Pilgrimage at Mount Singai and St.Jude Bunan.
Sibu- Pilgrimage at Chapel of St. Andrew, Sari Sarikei, The church of Immaculate of Conceptions Kapit and Chapel of St. Nicholas, Kut, Dalat.

The formation ended with Commission Mass celebrated by Rt. Rev. Bishop Joseph Hii. The Truth will be revealed; God make himself known.  In Bishop’s Homily, he taught us it’s through Jesus we are able to enter the house the God, through body of Christ, through His blood and water, and the baptism we enter into God’s mysteries. Many times, the arrogant of the missionary destroy the image of evangelization, as they remove the local cultures and forget the humbleness of serving. Thus, God send His only Son to set us free from the darkness and sins. We are called to keep the faith, the hope and live in charity in the community; to continue to reveal the hidden God to the whole of humanity and creation. Bishop reminds us to reflect on the gospel of Matthew 25:35-40, to be concerned of the needs of our brothers and sister around us. We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to enlighten the people of God, may Christian be a missionary that can see Christ in people’s culture, and to share the image and likeness of God to the world.

Saturday, 2 February 2019