Wholeness Healing Seminar: To Grow in Love, Freedom and Justice

Our diocesan 10 year plan for a world of love, freedom and justice will be a reality to the degree that each of us finds healing to grow in love, freedom and justice.  In 10 years, will we be radiating new life and love or just 10 years older?   

This wholeness healing seminar (conducted in English) will offer group sessions (no individual prayers) with prayer processes we can use forever to connect us more deeply with God’s healing love, free us from past hurts, find new life wherever we struggle, and empower us to be gifted healers both of one another and of our world.  Rev. Fr. Matthew Linn SJ, has written 24 books and conducted healing retreats in over 60 countries.

10 May 2019 (Friday – Love)

11 May 2019 (Saturday – Freedom)

12 May 2019 (Sunday – Justice)

Fr. Matthew Linn Bio

Fr. Matt Linn studied at St. Louis University with his brother Dennis as part of his Jesuit formation.  Matt lives in a Jesuit community in Minnesota.  Dennis, Sheila (Dennis’ wife) & Fr. Matt give retreats and seminars on processes for healing and reconciliation.  Their purpose is to support personal growth and the evolution of our world by integrating spirituality, psychology and science in ways that empower all of us to heal personal and social wounds and discover our unique gifts for carrying out the special purpose of our lives.  Their roots are in Ignatian spirituality, which emphasizes the movement of love and life in all things. They have worked in over fifty countries and in many universities and hospitals.  They are the co-authors of twenty-two books, the first five by Dennis and Matt only.  These books have sold over a million copies in English and have been translated into more than twenty languages.

*Please submit your fee and form either to the Sacred Heart Parish Office, Sibu at 084-321495(O) or register electronically with Eta at 014-885-8585.    Registration date extended to 2nd May 2019

(Please register early as this is open to all Christians residing in and outside Sibu Diocese).