Water & Baptism: Gift to all Creation

SIBU: As Sibu Diocese enters its fourth year of Creation Justice, Bishop of Sibu, Right Reverend Joseph Hii announced that 2020 would be the year of Water and Baptism for Sibu Diocese. Hii announced this during a homily at the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God on Jan 1 at Sacred Heart Cathedral.

“We have seven years to go in our ten years of Creation Justice. Seven is a perfect number, and we have seven sacraments and seven spiritual works of mercy.“To begin our journey in holiness, 2020, will be the year of Water and Baptism. Water is the base of God’s Creation and water is used for baptism,” he said.

He said in the book of Genesis before God created anything else, he hovered over the water. According to him, about 70 per cent of the earth’s surface is water-covered. Thus, he said since God had use water as his base of creation, everyone has the responsibility to ensure good quality of water and bring back the value of water. “If we care about creation, we must make sure our water is clean. If water is being destroyed, which is the base of creation, you and I will die, the whole of creation will die, everything will collapse,” Hii pointed out. Thus, that was why Diocese of Sibu embark on the journey on the love of water this year.

Meanwhile, he also called on everyone to look at unity as diversity, not unity as conformity.He said God created everyone as ‘special edition’ – different and has their unique values. “We thought that unity is conforming in which everybody is the same. However, unity is oneness in diversity. We accept each other differences, and we can see other people who are different as brothers and sisters, not enemies,” he said.

He also breaks down the three processes of the journey of peace. First is the journey of dialogue, second is the journey of reconciliation, and the third is the journey of ecological conversion. He said due to original sins; everyone has pride in them that made them fight one another and be above someone else. “We need to get rid of the mother of all sins that pride and instill in us the mother of all virtues, that is humility,” he said.