Ash Wednesday Mass Schedule 2020

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and is a day of fasting. It occurs 46 days before Easter (40 days and Six Sundays). The ashes, applied in the shape of a cross symbolizes fragility and mortality and the need to be redeemed by the mercy of God. Far from being a merely external act, the Church has retained the use of ashes to symbolized that attitude of the internal penance to which all the baptized are called during Lent.

Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sibu6.15am (Chi)
5.30pm (Eng)
7.30pm (Iban)

Chapel of St.Michael, Sibu Jaya8.00pm (Iban)
Chapel of St. James7.30pm (Iban)
Church of Mary of Divine Mercy6.00am (Eng)
7.30pm (Eng)
Church of St.Teresa, Sibu7.30pm (Chi)
Church of Christ the King, Bintangor7.00pm (Eng)
Church of St.Alphonsus, Julau

St.Patrick Entabai Chapel

6.00 pm (Iban)

10.00am (Iban)
Church of St.Anthony, Sarikei6.00am (Eng),
7.30pm (Combine)
Church St.Francis Pakan9.00am (Iban)
Church of Sts.Peter & Paul, Mukah7.30pm (Bm/Eng)
Church of St.Bernard, Dalat6:30pm (BM)
Church of St.Herbert, Song 7.30pm (Iban)
Church of Mary Immaculate Conception, Kapit8.00 am (Eng/ Iban)
7.30 pm (Eng/ Iban)
Church of St.Francis Xavier, Kanowit8.00am (Iban)
7.30pm (Eng)
Church of St.Charles, Selangau

7.00pm (Iban)
7.00pm (Iban)
7.00pm (Iban)

Lent is referred to as Tempo Forte in Italian- literally a strong time.It is a time when the showers of God’s grace fall heavily inundating our souls. Mother Church offers us three traditional practices to be drenched in these showers. We need to pray, to give quality time to God not only speaking to God but even more listening to him. To listen we need to be silent for God speaks in whispers. Penance is the joyful plus of a generous heart. We clip and cut anything that can come in the way of our relationship with God. Alms giving is extending whatever help we can to those in need. It is not only giving money but even more giving others the alms of our kindness.

The Alleluia and the Gloria are suppressed until Easter.