Sibu Diocesan Pastoral Centre

Rules & Regulation


Management and staff at the Sibu Diocesan Pastoral Centre (SDPC) would like to extend a warm welcome to you.

We expect all guests to conduct themselves in a manner that honors and pleases our Lord Jesus Christ.

Following are some of rules and guidelines which we believe will help all guests to have a mutually pleasant experience at our Centre.

The guidelines are not intended to be restrictive. They should be utilized to develop activities that promote the spiritual, psychological, physical and emotional well-being of the guests. Particular situations will vary. Reasonable adaptation is acceptable in certain areas.

Rental Standards, Policies and Guidelines
IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF GROUP LEADERS TO ENSURE ALL GUESTS UNDERSTAND THESE STANDARDS AND GUIDELINES AND ABIDE BY THEMThey are to help us maintain order and to ensure that our guests are safe, obey the rules and respect others and the environment. We hope your stay here is most joyful!Groups are responsible for their participants’ behavior while at the centre . All children/youth under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of a responsible adult from your group at all times during your stay.
Respect– Although SDPC volunteers and facilities are here to serve you and to meet your needs, we expect your courtesy and respect. Treat the volunteers the way Christ would treat them. Treat the buildings and grounds in a similar manner. We desire to cultivate and maintain a Christian environment that enables our guests and our volunteers to glorify the Lord.Parking Please park in designated marked parking areas. Buses  – Buses are to use the SECOND GATE, only a little further up from the first gate.HONK when you arrive.

Rooms and Meeting roomsRoom numbering:

1st Floor     –   Room No 201 – 224
2nd Floor   –   Room No 301 –  324
3rd Floor    –   Room No 401 –  424

  • Bed linen (sheets and pillow cases) included.
  • Provide your own towel and toiletries.
  • At all times “Do not lock” the door to your room or function hall.
  • Do not jump on the bed. Any damage incurred will be charged to you.
  • Eating is prohibited in the room. We don’t want to attract ants and bugs into your sleeping quarters.
  • Please ensure that on departure, the beds are stripped and that all the sheets and pillow cases are placed in baskets provided on the corridor.

Footwear – Please leave your footwear outside the rooms and function halls at all times. 

Cleanliness – Please make sure you leave the rooms and function halls the same way you have received them, clean and organized. Place all trash in provided containers.

Valuables – All valuables including cash should not be left in the room. The Management of the Pastoral Centre shall not be responsible for any loss.

Furnishings – Do not re-arrange furniture. Treat furnishings so as to keep this Pastoral Centre in an attractive manner and to minimize the cost of its upkeep.

Conserve Energy – Turn off the air conditioner, fans, lights and other electrical appliances when not in use and when leaving a room

Converse Water – Water taps should be closed when you are done with your cleaning and washing.

Be Considerate– Do not disturb the other guests. Respect their time of rest. Keep noise level to a minimum after 10.00pm.

Smoking Smoking, littering and spitting is not allowed in the room.

SDPC is a smoke-free facility.

Meals –

  • Cooking of meals and self catering are NOT permitted. SDPC’s St Martha’s Kitchen has a team of culinary staff to take care of your meals and refreshments.
  • Meals must be consumed in the allocated dining area only.

Dining Hall

  • Please wash your own crockery, glasses and cutlery after meals.
  • Dining room crockery, glasses, cutlery etc. must not be moved from the dining room without permission.

Catering Rates – 

Minumum :   RM6.00 per meal, drinks provided.
Breakfast :   Two or three varieties per breakfast.
Lunch/Dinner :  Two vege, one meat plus drink (coffee/tea/milo/orange)
Tea per service:   RM3.00 onwards

– There is no laundry services.


  • Report any breakage, inoperative equipment, damages, dangers or faults to your group leaders and host/hostess immediately. Do not  attempt to repair any damage, especially electrical devices.
  • Charges will be assessed for any damages incurred during a retreat. Proper care of equipment, rooms, and facilities is extremely important. The use of tape, push pins, etc. is prohibited for affixing items to walls, doors, ceiling, etc. If you have items to post or hang, please consult with the Management.

Deposit – A deposit will be collected two weeks before check-in. This deposit will be deducted from the final amount due.

Payment –  Rental payment and all other fees must be settled before the group leaves SDPC.

Safety – Use common sense regarding safety. The Management shall neither be legally responsible nor liable in the event of an  accident.

Behavior  –  Occupancy and use of premises and common areas shall not be such as to disturb or offend guests

Toilets –  Keep toilets clean.  Flush after every use.

IMPORTANTPress the flush handle and hold for five seconds for it to take effect. Failure to do so may result in toilet bowl blockage. Tissue papers shall be put in the bins. Be considerate to other users.

Lights Off – Lights off at 10.30pm.

Out-door activities and out-door games – Prior permission shall be obtained for all out-door activities and out-door games.

Visitors– Visitors are only allowed in the common areas.

Help – Group leaders, please consult the Management if any problem arises.