Sibu Diocesan Pastoral Centre

Programs Registration Policy

Descriptive brochures are available for each of our programs. To view or download brochures please go to our website at of sibu/pastoral centre or contact the administration Office by calling (6084) 229011


Unless otherwise noted in the schedule, each program begins promptly at 8:00 p.m. on the first date and ends at 1:00 p.m. on the last date.

Application Fee

Priority booking is given to the youth, family groups and individuals from Sibu Diocese.
Booking for use of the Centre’s facilities must be made through the Booking Form. A down payment deposit of 20% of an estimated total cost contribution is required to confirm the Booking. The deposit can either be in cash or through payment by cheque. Cheque/Bank draft is to be made to “Bishop of Sibu -Pastoral Centre”. Post-dated or personal cheques will not be accepted..
Cancellation of confirmed booking entails forfeiture of the deposit at the discretion of the Management.
Payment by outstation cheque must include Inland Revenue Commission, 0.03% of payment amount or RM0.50, whichever is higher. Total Contribution Cost for food expenses must be paid together with the booking deposit.


Full settlement of cost contribution is deeply appreciated on the day the event commences. Payment made by cheque/bank draft is to be made out to “Bishop Of Sibu-Pastoral Centre”.
Payment by outstation cheque must include Inland Revenue Commission of 0.03% of payment amount or RM0.50, whichever is higher. Penalty of 10% will be levied for contributions not settled a week after the conclusion of the event.
Our fees help with the maintenance and preservation of our land. The fees for all directed retreats include room and board, daily sessions with a spiritual director, daily liturgy, all required materials, and access to the land of Sibu Pastoral Centre.

Our Pastoral Land

Pastoral Centre is on over 14 acres of land, a lake, green pastureland, with walking trails. We also have an outdoor shrine of Mother Mary to help you in your reflection. Praying with the land is a wonderful way to be in touch with the Earth and its Creator. The land invites us to walk its surface prayerfully, making each step, like each breath, a prayer. Bring your walking shoes.

Pastoral Centre provides the space and quiet you need to find what you are looking for. Our dedicated staff is here to welcome you. Come on in and rest awhile.

Financial Assistance Information

Pastoral Centre, as an independent retreat house has very limited resources. It depends for its survival on what it takes in with its programs and with the generosity of its benefactors.

At this time, there are no grants available. We would ask that, if you are considering a program, retreat or workshop at Pastoral Centre, to make sure you have the resources necessary to enter into what is being offered.

Organiser of Events

Organiser of Event is responsible for arranging the name’s list of participants’ shared accommodation.

Each room can accommodate 4/6 persons on shared basis. The Event Organiser shall furnish to the Centre’s Office the following details
(a) a name list of all participants and
(b) the detailed programme activities of the seminar/camp.
7 days before commencement of the actual event in order to facilitate room(s) number allocation and check-in