100th Anniversary of Fatima

‎Friday, ‎October ‎13 2017

SIBU: Bishop of Sibu Right Reverend Joseph Hii calls on all Catholic especially families to kneel down and pray the rosary in the fight against evil one.

In his homily at the closing of the 100th Anniversary of Fatima at Sacred Heart Cathedral, he said struggle against Satan would be a continuous struggle as Christians continue to fight for peace.

As peace begins at home, he said the devil first and foremost is attacking the family. Thus, a call to prayer is an urgent call because the value of marriage, dignity, sanctity of marriage and family is at stake. We really need to hear the call of Mary and the Word of God today because we are against the Satan who wants to break us and to destroy marriage and family. If there is no peace at home, then there is no peace in the world.

 “No wonder the family break up because we do not pray and prayer is the only tool for peace in the world; that is the call of our Mother Mary.  We must kneel down and pray and get the family kneel down and pray the rosary,” he pointed out. He pointed out that to attain peace required many works and often times people failed in this mission work especially in prayer. “This call of peace we cannot have it if it’s not through prayer.  It is through prayer that we can conquer Satan; no other way; it is only through prayer,” he said. He also said that the third missionary Lucia, whom Our Lady of Fatima appeared to her together with Fransisco and Jacinta, continued to call all Christians to pray for families until her death in 2008.

He also said that Pope Francis wrote ‘The Joy of Love’ (Amoris Laetitia) to enable all Christians to build a strong family.

He said it was important for family to stay strong because, once couple uphold the sanctity of marriage, the family would be holy and thus peace could be attained in the family. “Today, devil continues to use many ways to break up families.  He does not have to directly break it, indirectly will be good enough,” he said. One of the ways, he said was when people started to believe that money and work are more important than their family. “We think that money is more important, we want money so that we can live comfortably.  The devil is using the economic power, the comfort in this world, try to lure us away,” he warned.

“Do not be tempted by the devil.  Husband and wife, stay together because we all know that when you are away from your wife, the temptation is there and the devil uses that to tempt us and at the end, your wife discovered that you have an affair or vice versa, so you to break up and at the end the devil win,” he said. Once money became very important than family, the value of family started to decline and they went their separate ways. He called on husbands and wives to always stay together as separation is devil’s temptation to break up the family.

100th Anniversary of Fatima Mass celebration ended with a recitation of rosary at the procession around the cathedral’s compound.  The Faithful lighted their candles and offered roses to Mary, our mother. Hail Mary, intercede for us and lead us to Jesus.

by  Jane Moh