Prayer Group


Leader:                         Brother Lawrence Chieng  Contact: 019-887-8505

Spiritual Director:       Rev. Father Vincent Oates

Prayer Meeting:          Monday 7.30 p.m. at Room No.1 (Conference Room), Sacred Heart Cathedral.


Our activities during the Prayer Meeting consist of:

Sing Along | Praise and Worship | Talks and Teachings | Petitions | Praying-over Session | Fellowship

The goodness of the Prayer Meeting:

  1. To experience God’s love together with other brothers and sisters in Christ.
  2. To learn from one another through teachings, testimonies, words of exhortation, and cell-group sharing.
  3. To experience the wonderful touch of healing from the Holy Spirit, through the love of Jesus Christ.

Our goal is to equip fellow brothers and sisters by means of prayers and words, to meet the needs in the lives of the people around us and to do all we can to evangelize and to have fellowship with one another. For those who would like to know more and to journey with us in the faith of God, you are strongly encouraged to come! as in Matthew 11:28, God says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” May God’s blessing be with you.

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 To find out more about the Holy Trinity Covenant Community, please contact the following persons:

Holy Trinity Covenant

Bro. David Siong        H/p: 019 886 3096   Email:

Bro. January Ruby    H/p: 013 809 0790    Email:

Sis. Mary Law            H/p: 016 872 8376

Sis. Mary Ling            H/p: 016 898 7627

Time of Meeting        Every Sunday (3.00 – 5.00 p.m.), except the first Sunday of the month

 Venue                          Conference Room (Room 1), Sacred Heart Cathedral, Lanang Road, Sibu

The New Covenant Community From the very beginning the church has been praying for “the love of God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.”  The love of God binds us together, the grace of Jesus takes away our sins; we need the fellowship of the Holy Spirit to share this love and grace.  Here lies the very essence of covenant community. Community comes to life when there is sharing and fellowship in the Spirit.  Human elements like grouping dynamics, leadership and wise regulations, play an important role:  but only under the control and transforming action of the Spirit.


  1. Joint intercession To intercede together is to build community, because an interceding group is a caring group.
  1. Submission Intercession brings us to the feet of the Lord in the spirit of poverty, of total dependence and submission.  And this is one of the cornerstones of covenant community. The Holy Spirit leads us from independence to submission; in submission He gives us peace and greater freedom.  This type of submission is a real charism of the Holy Spirit.  Persons who have this charism are ready to submit to all legitimate authority, not just to wise decisions from wise superiors.
  1. Interdependence The same Spirit that leads us from independence to submission calls us to interdependence or mutual submission.  The Spirit teaches us to build relations based on covenant and commitment and to make decisions keeping in mind the common good and the needs of others.
  1. Common Life-Style This is the fruit of submission and interdependence.  Life-style is part of personality growth.  Common life-style is basic to community growth.  Racial, cultural and social difference must recede to the background; certain social conventions and fashions, which are unchristian, must go out altogether, so as to walk together in the Spirit.
  1. Common Vision Common vision is essential to community living and growth.  Community members may have different ideas about many things, but they must agree on essentials, if they want to move on in the same direction.
  1. On-going Teaching and Dialogue are essential:-
  • In order to build the community on solid rock of God’s Word (Mt 7: 24-27), and to see how God speaks to us in our present life situation.
  • To keep the community ever centred on Jesus Christ, and call it to repentance when deviation occurs (Eph 4:15).
  • To penetrate deeper into the mystery and discover the riches of Community living (1 Chr12:12).
  • To keep clear the common vision, andTo experience the joy of knowing each other and the joy of knowing how much the Lord cares for each one of us.
  1. Charism and Ministries Charisms are God-given tools to build covenant communities.  Ministries are love in action. One of the aims of community dialogue is to help discover each one’s charism, to encourage and to evaluate the use of the same.  Service is more effective when organized into ministries with clear goals.
  1. Sense of Mission A Covenant Community is God’s calling.  As such members in turn have a mission to provide both individual and corporate witness by their lives to those with whom they come in contact.  They should evangelize others to Christ through this witness, actively spread the Good News of the Gospel as the Lord leads them individually and collectively, and support the people of God in their response to God’s calling.

Membership in the Catholic Fraternity The Holy Trinity Covenant Community, Sibu is now a full member of the Catholic Fraternity of Charismatic Covenant Communities and Fellowships (also known as “Catholic Fraternity” in short), an international private association of the faithful of Pontifical Right.  Information on the Catholic Fraternity can be found via this link. COME & SEE!

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”    John 13: 34-35 (NIV)

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”   Acts 2: 42 (NIV)

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时间: 星期日下午1:30 – 3:00  |  地点:聖斯德望祈祷室(23号房)

《欢迎有意为主服务的兄弟姐妹们参与我们的行列》 有兴趣者可联络主席:Anna Hii 016 868 4196


常年活动: (一)祈祷会及 (二)医治弥撒(每个月一台,由荣休苏孝洲主教主持)

时间:星期日晚上六点四十五分至九点   |  地点:圣心主教座堂会议室一号房(暂时)

颂念玫瑰经  |  歌曲赞美,自由赞美,灵语赞美  |  圣经分享和生活见证  |  祈求或代祷


其他活动: 聖神复兴会(年中及年终)  |  圣神研习会 – 让领坚振者更加认识圣神。

圣德肋撒堂 年中复兴会:主题:婚姻圣事,昏昏欲睡 5月20日-22日 地点:圣德肋撒堂

报名请联络:罗慈箐 010 961 3227 | 吴世龙 019 858 2568