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Rejoice! You have decided to respond to God’s call of love to commit yourselves to each other as husband and wife. Every marriage is a lifelong covenant of love and fidelity, and as children of God, it is a must for Catholics to ask for their Heavenly Father’s blessing in the Church Marriage.


1. Registration

Register soonest with the Parish Office by filling in the Marriage Registration Form. All procedures must be completed and Marriage Bann must be displayed at least one month before the marriage date.  Do not fix your wedding date until you have discussed them with the priest (See 3 below).

2. Pre-requisite

At least one party must be baptized (or received) into the Catholic Church, confirmed, and receives Holy Communion & Confession regularly. If you have not received Confirmation, you need to write a Letter of Intent promising to receive Confirmation as soon as possible. (CIC 1065)

There will be no church marriage for a non-practicing Catholic. #Pre-marriage course is a must.

Those residing outside Sibu will need permission from residing parish to marry in Sibu (CIC 1115), and are advised to do steps 5 & 6 in their residing parish.

3. Wedding Date

No marriage shall be conducted during season of Lent, Sundays and Solemnities. Marriage during Advent season is strongly discouraged; Fridays should be avoided too if possible (day of abstinence).

4. Wedding Mass or Service

A Mass is to be celebrated for two Catholics or between a Catholic and a baptized, non-Catholic Christian, but the non-Catholic Christian must produce a baptism certificate. Should one party be a non-Christian, there will be a wedding service only (No Mass).

Should there be more than one couple on that day using the same language, you will be asked to have a joint wedding Mass or else you may have to look for another Church.

5. Documents to be submitted

Pre-marriage Course certificate.

Baptism and Confirmation Certificates. Baptism Certificate must be issued within the last 6 months and must state your ‘Freedom to marry’.

Photostated Identity Card (or Passport for non-Malaysian) and Birth Certificate for both of you;

Minimum two passport-sized photos each (less one for non-Catholic)

Photostated Civil/Customary Marriage Certificate

Photostated Identity Card of 2 witnesses, preferably a confirmed and practicing Catholic couple.

6. Prenuptial Inquiry

After the documents are ready, the couple must arrange for a Prenuptial Inquiry / interview session with the priest (CIC 1067). This should be done at least one month before the Marriage.

7. Wedding Ceremony

Shortly before the wedding day, the Catholic party must make a good confession in preparation for the marriage (CIC 1065) and to arrange with the priest concerned for a marriage rehearsal.

You may engage your own Choir, Altar servers, Commentator and Reader. The commentator and reader must have been trained and are familiar with the procedures of the Cathedral.

Booklet – The couples may produce their own booklet or use those provided by the Church.

LCD Projector – May be used with permission but a voluntary offering is in order.

Decorations – Any deco, if desired, must be provided solely by the Church (RM250, to be paid latest one week before wedding). If more than one couple, expenses will be share out accordingly.

Throwing confetti or flowers or blowing bubbles inside the Cathedral or Church Compound is not allowed.

Video and photo-taking is permitted only along the aisles but must not interfere with the liturgical celebration. DO NOT go up to the Sanctuary.

Using Church premise for Wedding Party / Refreshments requires special permission; after use the premise must be cleaned, tidied and rubbish thrown to thrash bin outside of Church compound.

8. Offering – Remember to give your generous offering to God. Only ONE Ang-pow needs be given which also covers choir, altar servers, documentation, basic arrangements, etc (not including decoration expenses or LCD Projector rental). Recommended sum: RM 300.

9. Be Punctual – Be on time on the first day of your new life!