Christians and Muslims: Promoting Universal Fraternity

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Gawai Dayak 2019

“We are members one of another” (Eph 4,25)

Ascension 2019

Station of the Cross 2019

Stations of the Cross in the Cathedral: 

Mandarin –  After 6:15am Mass  (Monday – Saturday).

English     –   Every Friday  5:30pm followed by Mass.

Iban            –    Every Friday 7:15pm followed by Mass.

The Adoration of the Body of Christ would be replaced by the Prayers of the  Stations of the Cross on Friday.  (No Holy Hour, but parishioners are strongly encouraged to perform personal adoration at other time. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is opened everyday  from 6:00am to 9:00pm)


Pengawa nyembah Tubuh Kristus diganti enggau Sembiang Jalai Kayu  Regang genap Hari Lima. (nadai Jam Kudus, tang bala sigi dipinta datai maia bukai nyembah Tubuh Kristus.   Chapel Ukaristia sigi bisi di buka niting hari ari pkl. 6:00 pg ngagai pkl. 9:00 mlm).

Come and Listen!



27 Feb.  Wed. 7.30pm. Conference Room

Given by Rev. Father Richard Lau.  All are welcome.

Screening of Blood Sugar, Triglyceride & Cholesterol

Screening of Blood Sugar, Triglyceride & Cholesterol
Organised by Catholic Nurses’ Guild. Please fast from food starting 10pm the previous night, but plain water is allowed any time.




Meresa Darah (Gula dlm darah Triglyceride & Kolesterol)

17.02. 19 (H. Minggu) 8:30pg – 12tgh

Diatur ulih Catholic Nurses’ Guild.

Enda tau makai sebarang utai belabuh ari jam pkl. 10 mlm 16/02. Tau ngirup ai amat sebarang maya


Catholics, Orthodox & Protestants

For those of us who are a part of the Catholic Church, what does it mean that we are Catholic? What is the nature of our relationship with Christians who are outside of the Catholic Church? How are the various streams of Christianity similar and/or different in their way of worship, their governance and in their teachings in faith and morals? In a Christian world that is sadly divided, it is important that we once again begin to attempt to understand the differences among the various expressions of Christianity, which then forms the basis for honest dialogue and a mutual search for truth. This eight-session course aims to help its participants better understand the beliefs of people coming from various Christian traditions. It may be of interest to both Christians and people from other religious traditions.

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The Rev. Deacon Dr Sherman Kuek OFS is a Permanent Deacon of the Catholic Church, a Secular Franciscan and a theologian. He is incardinated in the Diocese of Malacca Johor, Malaysia. Deacon Sherman is the convenor of the Splendour Project, a community of friends who have put their charisms and apostolates together to be of service in the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church. He spends much of his time giving catechetical instruction through speaking, writing and media production. He also travels around the region to assist in the catechetical ministry of the Church in various parishes and dioceses. His Doctor of Theology degree, majoring in Theology and Social Theory, was conferred by Trinity Theological College (Singapore). He blogs on

1. Registration fee is RM25.00 per participant
2. Registration fee is inclusive of meals and a workbook
3. Talks conducted in English only
4. This talk is open to other non-Catholics and Christian denomination
5. Registration ends on 24 February 2019
6. For other methods of payment or any enquiries, please contact:

a) Eta | 014-885 8585
b) Alex | 019-889 2733
c) Michael | 016-808 0876
d) Sacred Heart Parish Office | 084-321495

Chinese New Year Mass Schedule 2019