St. Vincent De Paul(Help for the Poor)

Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Conference of Sacred Heart of Jesus

Christian faith of Love for neighbor, especially the poor.

Name of Leader/s                          Louisa Ling Ngo Ting.

Contact No (Tel)                              084-339299

Contact No (H/P)                             014-2058299

Contact (Email Address)   

Time of meeting                            Sunday at 4:30PM

Venue                                               Sacred heart Cathedral, Room 20


Objective/s Our society has no cure-all remedy for prevailing inequalities. But we should continue to have eyes that see clearly, ears that listen carefully, minds that understand subjectively and most importantly, hearts that burn with love.

Vision As a catholic lay organization, we will embrace the world in network of charity, servicing Christ in the suffering, poor or marginalized, bringing them love and respect, aid and development, hope and joy, towards a more just society. We also seek to deepen our spirituality and the mutual love and support amongst members, so that, seeing how we serve those in need with one mind and one heart, people are attracted to the society and to Christ, whose teachings and directions, motivate us.

Mission Our mission, inspired by the radiant Flame of Christ’s love, is to grow spiritually through seeking and finding individuals and families who are forgotten, suffering or deprived and through personal contact, to offer practical help to anyone in need without distinction of ethnicity, religion, colour or political persuasion. We share their burdens and joys as true friends, sowing seeds of hope, encouraging self-sufficiency and respecting their values and beliefs.

Strategies Christ’s love to  grow spiritually through seeking and finding individuals and family.

Main Activities

  1. Tuition projects – members help a retired teacher give tuition classes for needy primary school students once a week.
  2. Thrift Shop – member take turn to open the shop every Saturday and Sunday morning to sell the used clothes for constant source of income.
  3. Medical Assistant Aids and distributing food rations to the poor family.