Youth Mission Experience 2018

• To help the participants to define their Christian identity, realise their personal potential, monitor their spiritual growth and to lead them to assume greater responsibility for self and mutual development
• To help develop the peer, family, community, spiritual and faith relationships of the participants
• To prepare the participants to uphold their life mission as a Christian within society
• To facilitate the participants to greater involvement in the life and mission of the church
• To provide a context for the participants to experience “mission” as a response to their baptismal calling

A 10 week programme for youth aged 16 years and above, targeting those who have finished school and who are waiting to enter college or university. Requirements: Participants must be 16 years or above and have left secondary school.

• A basic grasp of English is necessary, especially for the Mission Exposure trip.
• A valid passport.
• Parental consent and Liability Release.
• Recommendation of guardian or parish priest

Description of Programme

The lived-in programme will be held at St Joseph’s Mission Animation Centre, Sentosa, Sibu from 3 March 2018 to 11 May 2018. Participants will be able to take part in the community life at SJMAC, with daily community prayers and Mass. Participants will also carry out daily simple chores like cleaning, gardening and cooking. Recreational activities will also be organised. In the evenings, there will be opportunities for devotional and prayer activities. Participants will be encouraged to take a lead in the preparation and execution of the various activities.

There will be daily inputs and teachings on various subjects. Through discussion, group dynamics and activities, participants will be made aware of various relevant issues. Participants will be required to carry out simple mission programmes in the locality. They will be instructed on how to make presentations and to carry out Lenten services. They will also take part in fund-raising activities to help defray the cost of the programme. The ten-week programme will include a one-week mission exposure trip to Cambodia. During this trip, the participants will carry out various activities and interact with the local youth. Only those who have successfully gone through a selection process will embark on this mission exposure trip. Unsuccessful participants will undergo a similar experience locally. After the mission exposure week, the participants will undergo an evaluation process. Successful participants will be encouraged to take part in a training programme at a later date.

Download & register: Parental Consent and Liability Release Form 2018