Christmas without Christ is empty

Christmas Without Christ is empty, meaningless

SIBU: Catholics celebrating Christmas have been told to accept Christ with simplicity of their heart, as without Christ, the Yuletide celebration will be empty and meaningless. Father Francis S. in his sermon on Christmas Day mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral,said that by not humbling oneself to accept Christ, it would be difficult for one to believe in God.

In making it easier for parishioners to understand, Fr. Francis narrated events in the Bible. “The Lord God was born in Bethlehem. Angels came and the shepherds were then taking care of the sheeps at night. They were awake when the angels appeared to them. They were so happy. After that the angles sung “Glorious to God in the Highest” These shepherds sought for Christ not from any bright light but they knew the Messiah was there from the birth of Jesus,” he said. The meaning here is that the shepherds did not harbour any doubt that Christ was born for us.

So from this event, it shows that “We need to have the simplicity of our heart to accept Christ in our life. There are many who do not believe in God. They will only do so when they have the feeling that something have attacked them. But for the shepherds, they found Christ in the simplicity of the angels”

The Lord God, Fr. Francis said according to the First Reading (Isaiah 52:7-10) had even humbled himself to come to the Earth from Heaven. “The Lord had appeared to Moses, to Abraham and to Eliza. HE humbled himself by becoming a slave where people could see the tenderness of God, and the mercy and compassion of God. God comes like us (to the Earth) to bring us to eternity,” he added.

It is for this reason that Christmas without Christ will be meaningless.

“People hold events such as party and karaoke session on Christmas Day but Christmas without Christ, is empty. Christian life without Christ is meaningless. It is the same for priests. No Christ, no meaning. So let’s God be born in our heart so God can bring meanings to our life,” he said.

Fr. Francis wanted the parishioners to have Christ, 365 days in a year and not just during Christmas or Easter seasons.

Dec 25, 2018

By Andy Chua