All Saints & Souls Day Mass Schedules 2019

 All Saints day-

All Souls day
Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sibu

First Friday
of the month
6:15am (Mandarin)

5.30pm (Eng)

7:30pm(Combined language)
6:15am (C),

9.00am Mass at
Catholic Cemetery

11.00am (Combined language)

Chapel of St.Michael, Sibu Jaya8.00pm(Sibu Jaya)
8.00pm(Oya Camp)
9.00am (Ib)
Chapel of
St. James
Church of Mary of Divine Mercy6:00am,
7:30pm (E)

8:00am -Tomb Blessing
in Melanau
Grave Yard
Church of St.Teresa, Sibu7:30pm (C)7:30pm (C)
Church of Christ the King, Bintangor7:00pm (Combined)8.00am (Combined)
9.00am Blessing of Cemetery
Church of St.Francis Xavier, Kanowit8:00am (Iban)
7:00pm (Eng)
8:30am (Iban)
+ blessing cemetery area
Church of St.Alphonsus, Julau6:00pm (Ib)6:00pm (Ib)
Church of St.Anthony, Sarikei7:30pm
8.00 am follow by
of Catholic
Selalang @ 10.00 am
Chapel of St.Francis Pakan9.00am(Iban)Pakan 9.00 am follow by blessings
of Catholic
@ 10.30 am
Church of St.Charles, SelangauSelangau: 7:00pm(Ib)

Sekuau: 7:00pm(Ib)

Tamin: 7:00pm (Ib)
Selangau: 7:30am(Ib)

Sekuau: 10:00am(Ib)

Tamin: 9:00am (Ib)

Church of Sts.Peter & Paul, Mukah7:30pm (E/BM)5:00pm (Tomb Blessing)
Kubur Kristian
Katolik Jalan Oya,

7:30pm (E/BM)
Church of St.Bernard, Dalat6:30pm (BM)4.30pm (BM)
Church of St.Herbert, Song 7:30pm (E/Ib)7:30pm (E/Ib)
Church of Immaculate Conception, Kapit7:30pm (E/Ib)7:30pm (E/Ib)