Vision & Mission

Motto: Church Christ’s Spouse  

VISION: That we may all be One (cf. Jn 17:11, 21-23)

A People of God,

  • Filled with the Holy Spirit,
  • Participating in the saving mission of Jesus Christ
  • And bearing witness to the KINGDOM OF GOD of Beauty, Truth and Holiness in the world.

MISSION: A Missionary Church of Missionary Disciples

Making true disciples of Jesus whom he calls friends (cf. Jn 15:14-15)

Since the Baptismal Vocation we are incorporated into the 3 Office of Christ

a) Formation (Prophet)

  • to build and renew Christ’s faithful in the Word of God and Tradition;
  • and forming a life of Faith, Hope and Love,
  • as community of disciples in communion.

b) Liturgy (Priest)

  • to proclaim and to celebrate the saving mystery of Christ’s love in Word and Sacraments;
  • and to promote in all an active participation (Christ present in the assembly and individuals);
  • and in a life of prayer.

c) Evangelization (King)

  • to announce the Good News to all creation in Beauty and in truth and with Holiness of life in obedient, charity, humility and simplicity;
  • stewardship of creation and solidarity with the Poor;
  • and to dialogue with the diverse cultures, the different religious traditions and Christian denominations, in striving for Peace by upholding Justice, Freedom and Love.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field; it is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown, it is the greatest of all shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and make nests in its branches.” (Matt 13:31b-32)


Description of the Coat of Arms of H.E. the Most Reverend Msgr. Joseph Hii Teck Kwong
Titular Bishop elect of Castel Mediano – Auxiliary of Sibu, Sarawak,Malaysia

According to the Roman Catholic Church heraldine tradition,the Coat of Arms of a Bishop is normally composed by:
(i) a shield with its charges (symbols) coming from family,geographic,religious and historical meanings and/or referred to the name of the Bishop;
(ii) a golden processional cross, with one traversal bar, to represent the rank of the Bishop,
“impaled” (vertically)behind the shield;
(iii) a green hat (galero) with 12 (six on each side) attached tassels, ordained 1:2:3: from the top;
(iv) a scroll with the motto, written in black, below everything.

Heraldine description (blazonry) of the Coat of Arms of Bishop Joseph Hii Teck Kwong
“Quarterly: 1st gules, a key or and a sword argent in saltire; 2nd argent, a spear enflamed gules in bend sinister, a tongue of flame of the last in the dexter chief point; 3rd argent, a rose gules, barbed ver, 4th checky or and sable; on a chief azure, a dove descendant argent, nimbed or, between a star (7) or and a fleur de lis of the last