Ching Ming Day/Chinese Tomb Festival Mass

Ching Ming Day/Chinese Tomb Festival: 5. Apr. (Thu). Mandarin Masses at 6:15am in   the Cathedral, and 9:00am at Catholic  Cemetery, Bukit Lima,  English Mass at 5:30pm in the Cathedral.  Kindly submit the names of your departed love ones, together with your Mass stipend(s) using the envelops provided at the entrances of the Cathedral.  All parishioners are reminded that food offerings & burning of paper money (hell money) for the dead, at the Catholic Cemetery or anywhere else, are strictly prohibited.

清明节 : 45日(星期四)。 弥撒时间:早上6时15分在本主教座堂(华语)9时在教会墓园(华语)下午5时半在本主教座堂(英语)。请尽快将已亡亲友的名字连同献仪放入封套内交上,封套可在圣堂入口处取得。特别提醒教友们:在天主教墓园或任何地方,烧纸钱或供奉食物祭品予亡者是教会绝不允许的。

Hari Ching Ming: 4. (H. Empat) – pkl. 6:15 pg. Misa jaku Cina ba Katederal, pkl. 9:00 pg. Misa dalam jaku Cina ba Pendam Katolik, pkl. 5:30 lm Misa dalam jaku English ba Katederal.